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A modem is a device that establishes an internet connection in your home. The modem or as we call it, Optical Network Terminal (ONT) connects our fiber-optic line to the inside of your home. The ONT is provided by Greenlight Networks at no additional charge! 


A router helps manage and direct traffic between your home and the Internet, allowing devices such as gaming consoles, iPads, smartphones, and laptops to connect. Older routers run old and outdated wireless standards and upgrading to a current model can improve your Wi-Fi capabilities and ensure you are getting the fastest upload and download speeds with Greenlight Networks.


What Requirements must my Router Meet?

To get the best possible speeds over WiFi, it’s important to make sure that your router meets the following specs:  

Router Recommendations

It can be difficult to choose the best Internet router for your needs. If you conduct more bandwidth-intensive activities, such as streaming 4K movies or playing a lot of online games, or if you live in a household with multiple devices connected to the Internet at the same time, a more powerful Internet router may be necessary to help manage bandwidth.


Below are recommendations of routers that work best for our high-speed fiber Internet.

*Please note these routers were tested in a controlled environment and the “actual” speed that a customer will experience while using these routers depends upon various conditions, such as website traffic, equipment limitations (like a router), and environmental features. Actual Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. many of which are beyond the control of an ISP such as Greenlight Networks.

Wi-Fi FAQs

Wi-Fi uses radio waves to send and receive signals from your wireless router. These radio waves connect your devices to the internet. Wi-Fi transmits at frequencies of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Generally, the faster the frequency, the faster the data transmission.

Although you can receive the fastest speeds possible with wired internet, it is not always practicable or practical to plug in a lot of devices (just imagine how many wires you would need!). Additionally, certain devices might not be able to move as quickly as your internet can (even if you could plug them in).


Keep in mind, our upload and download speed claims are always based on maximum wired speeds. The speed of the internet cannot be guaranteed and can change depending on things like hardware and software restrictions, latency, packet loss, etc.

Your wireless devices can only connect to the internet through a wireless router. Instead of the various points you’d receive with a mesh network, all wireless traffic on your devices relies on that one point of access (the router) with a standard router. The size of the antennas on a typical router restricts its range, and walls frequently block the signal. An extender can expand your “reach,” but it might not always reach all areas of your house.

An extender does exactly that: It extends your Wi-Fi signal range by repeating the Wi-Fi signal of your wireless router. An extender typically creates a new Wi-Fi network, requiring you to switch your device between networks.

You have the option of a wired or wireless internet connection. Your device must be connected to the internet through an ethernet cable for a wired connection to work. A wired connection will typically allow you to use the highest speed offered at your residence, making it faster in most cases. You can wirelessly connect Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the internet using Wi-Fi (also known as a wireless connection). You switch to a wireless router instead. There may occasionally be interferences with Wi-Fi that will reduce the speed of your connection.

A mesh network uses multiple access points that communicate with each other to give your whole home seamless Wi-Fi coverage. A mesh network provides you with further reach than you’d get with a single traditional router.

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